# I'm looking for a job. Part 1, Why?

This is an old post and the contents may or may not be correct anymore and links may or may not be safe.

It was 2014, I had started contracting again and I decided one day that I needed to set up my own company and take home the whole packet. Of course, it wasn’t; as most things, that simple. I founded Dav3 (I know, I know) and I started freelancing again straight away.

Fast forward 5 years and after a company rename (New World Code) I’m thinking of shutting up shop and looking for a permanent, mostly remote role.

Running a company, on your own, takes a lot of hard work, patience and self confidence in my experience. I’ve managed a lot in my 5 years. I’ve done everything from digital installations for Google to fully automated administration systems for national businesses but the one thing that always had me stressed, confused and anxious was the British Tax ~joke~ system.

No matter how hard I worked, who I worked with or how I worked. There was very often not enough to actually scale into hiring staff. I never really wanted to be an “agency” but I always liked the idea of building a company founded on mutual respect, growth and support for each other and clients. It’s a formula that has worked for me my entire career but I just never seemed to learn that secret to growth and after 5 years that very thought has driven me to breakdowns and anxiety fueled nightmares and I can’t do it any more.

The market for work is great, the clients I’ve worked with are pure gold but I’m just not strong enough to stand up to it any more so…

I’m looking for “the one” ❤

Choosing to shut shop is not an easy decision to make but for self improvement, life balance restoration and healing from the years of anxiety… I’m doing so and looking to grow further with the right company.

I thrive on helping people be better, be happier and healthier. I’d give everything away (If it didn’t mean starving my family…) and I love making the hard, boring, erroneous things in the world a joy to do (if you have to do them at all) and I’m looking for the right company to do this with.

So, what about me?

Well, I am a “software developer” but I say this because while my programming knowledge is firmly rooted in the JavaScript world I actually come from a design and native background. When I was a child (circa 1996) I was already taking machines around the house apart and putting them back together again without anyone knowing and that got me a “job” in a factory at 14 (2002) programming RFID door entry cards, pressure monitors and fire fighter’s helmets with C and C++. This “job” led onto another family favour where I was the intranet developer in a tiny IT department where all I did was mess with DHTML and PHP to build an internal company catalogue of products, staff and …misc.

I’ve never stopped just building things and taking what needn’t be taken apart and put back together and I love doing it.

These days, I get paid to do

  • React
  • FlowJS/TypeScript
  • NodeJS
  • Real time software
  • Team mentoring
  • Problem analysis and product scoping
  • Squishing a bunch of other people’s APIs into sane interfaces

You can find out more about what I do, who I do it for and what lovely things people say about me on my Work History page. This page has a print stylesheet so if you really must (but please don’t) you can print my work history page.

What will I bring?

I bring not only my technical skills as a full stack developer, I bring my personal and interpersonal skills such as one to one mentoring and creative problem solving as part of a wider team to achieve current and future business goals.

I also bring architectural knowledge of the stack from server setup, security and scalability to devops and TDD/BDD practices.

I’m good in a team and as a self driven force on my own and do my best to deliver everything I commit to. My experience running my own company has taught me to say no properly when scoping work and to concentrate on the “right” over the quantity.

What about “The One”

What am I looking for? Well, I’m looking for a company that offers a platform for me to be better at what I do, working with a great team that strives to help improve other’s lives with great software.

I thoroughly enjoy writing and reading about React, JavaScript, TypeScript/Flow, NodeJS, HTML and CSS/SASS/LESS. I also love writing Bash, Lua and C++.

I particularly enjoy giving people platforms to learn and improve with mentoring, support and constructive, empathy-driven feedback loops. We can’t all be right, right?

I live on the south coast of the U.K and I don’t think I need to explain how poor our train services are to anyone that’s ever been here but I can make trips to cities on occasion. This means I’m looking for a mostly remote role where we trust in each other to do our very best for the team and the clients we’re helping.

What won’t I do?

  • Work with banks that damage, rig and lie about our economy or damage our environment with investment. I.E
  • Work on any gambling software
  • Work with any of our armed forces, however I can’t stop them using anything open source I make/contribute to.
  • Work with any brand that sells alcohol, cigarettes, drugs or sells pharmaceuticals unethically
  • Work for a company that has done nothing to discourage and reparate a situation of abuse within the company against anyone for their looks, gender, ethnicity, etc
  • Work with any company in the porn industry
  • Work for a company that is anti-union. I believe in the right to unionise if the staff feel they have to.

Are you “The One?”

You can email me at [email protected].

What I would like to see in the email is

  • Company URL
  • Job spec
  • Target salary

and then we can set up a face to face or a video call using my Calendly link.

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