#React, NodeJS & JavaScript developer & mentor

👋 I'm Dave Mackintosh, I write JavaScript all day. I do this in the form of React, NodeJS and TypeScript.

I live in the UK and I work remotely for clients of all types and sizes, helping them understand their business and improving how they work from the inside out using JavaScript to automate and consolidate many of their processes.

I like to collaborate in teams that are effective in change for the positive and help humans enjoy every day and I love building things that we usually have to pay for for free that can have a positive impact on people's lives.

I've spent over a decade learning how to master my craft and learn how to create useful software for companies of all sizes for all reasons. People I work with usually have lovely things to say about me and you can read some of my favourites below.

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Dave was an excellent team lead on a truly challenging sprint. Above and beyond his mandate, and surpassing his peers in capability and efficiency, Dave was able to remain focused and productive on his own tasks while helping to guide other team members. Dave was highly responsive to status requests, and was diligent with code check-ins and documentation. His code reads extremely well. In short, you could not do better than to have Dave on your team, and we are grateful to have had him work hard to make our project a success. ~ Skoda/TDF/Hirsch & Mann, London
Highly innovative thinker, with a lightning speed ability to problem solve and put forward valid solutions to all implementations of the stack. Opinionated, and doesn't cut corners. As a project lead, he listened and managed his team considerately, as well as passing on valuable knowledge and techniques, making the web, better ~ easyProperty, London
I've worked with Dave for about 5 months at a London startup and loved every minute. He's one of those rare engineers who's not only fast, but also rigorous with TDD, coverage, types and documentation. He writes beautiful code that's easy to understand and a pleasure to work with; this is what you want in a contractor - someone who leaves a positive legacy and not spaghetti. Recommended! ~ Freybors, London
I worked with Dave on a Node.js API in 2015, he was very professional and a delight to work with. His code is among the cleanest I've ever seen. We have since become co-hosts of Creative Meet, a small meetup in Chichester that brings designers and developers together, alongside encouraging small talks to share knowledge and experience. ~ ABRSM, London