1. AWS certificate stuck in pending for subdomain

    Is your AWS certificate manager certificate stuck in pending? I was trying to deploy a certificate for a secondary subdomain and it was stuck in pending but it has a very simple fix.

  2. Using my dotfiles - 4 years later

    I've been evolving my dotfiles for a few years now, here's how to use what I have to get a developer friendly, semantic and useful terminal wherever you are.

  3. How to get my dotfiles set up for VIM, Ranger, neovim, compton, Awesome WM

    How to use my dotfiles and installing the dependencies it has and why they are used.

  4. My OpenGL ES shader fails to link with no error.

    I'm working on a new cross platform engine for developing visuals on any device. I've spent a few days trying to work out why Linux will compile and run my shaders but not my Android device.

  5. How to loop over a Lua array/table in C/C++

    Took me a while to figure it out and a lot of non-helpful Googling but looping over a table from Lua using the C API turns out to be pretty simple although not intuitive at all.

  6. Fast HTTP body searching in JavaScript to parse strings (Part 1)

    Searching strings in JavaScript is easy right? what about searching through hundreds of megabytes of text or binary or even several gigabytes of POSTed data? Boyer-Moore Horspool to the rescue!

  7. I'm looking for a job. Part 2, Humans are hard and individuality

    A follow up to my previous post on the human side of why I'm looking for rejuvination in the workforce.

  8. I'm looking for a job. Part 1, Why?

    So, after 5 years of relative success as a freelancer I'm looking for a role in a company I can add value to. But why?

  9. Being a mobile developer in 2018 is amazingly easy, here's why.

    Dave Mackintosh has developed websites, apps and libraries on mobile since 2012. here's a list of the reasons I can think of why its amazing and sometimes career saving.

  10. Widi, a small project with a giant footprint with Babel.