#Dave Mackintosh's Work History


I use technology to solve problems, I pick the appropriate technology to solve the problem at the highest speed and quality I can. I enjoy solving all kinds of problems from team organisation and member learning to complex automation platforms and creative visuals.

Half of my career has been in developing creative, visual and interactive works of art for clients like Harrods, Google and the other half of my career to date has been developing software to automate away national client's business problems and to consolidate third party apps and APIs into single source of truth business platforms.

  1. Sleepio

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    A React Native developer working on the components of the AST based app we were building, each was cross platform and generic enough that the content creators in the company can build entire programs (logic included) that is delivered as an AST to the app and constructed.

  2. Freybors

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    A React and NodeJS developer rebuilding an existing product from architecture, development practices, scrum mentoring, team support and mentoring to building an incredibly complex, cofiguration based system where half of the interface is generated entirely from Multicolour models.

    Feedback from the companyI've worked with Dave for about 5 months at a London startup and loved every minute. He's one of those rare engineers who's not only fast, but also rigorous with TDD, coverage, types and documentation. He writes beautiful code that's easy to understand and a pleasure to work with; this is what you want in a contractor - someone who leaves a positive legacy and not spaghetti. Recommended! ~ Jof Arnold
  3. Multicolour

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    Multicolour is a NodeJS, REST API generator. It offers multiple ways to authenticate your API (JWT, OAuth), it suports basic content negotiation (JSONAPI), it supports many many database technologies out of the box. It powers many user's experiences and they don't even know. Large companies and small companies use this product. I'm currently rebuilding it from scratch for a 1.0 to remove many parts of the software that let the product as a whole down using TypeScript and many other new and improved features like built in event streams, CQRS built in and a fully automated documentation and error tracking system.

  4. Leviton feat. Ascender

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    I partnered with Ascender to provide a custom, from scratch admin panel for Leviton. The software was to control entire buildings of lights using a lua powered OpenResty API. The client was on a very tight budget and i agreed to the work. In just 22 days an entire custom built admin panel was ready for testing including a form generator powered by an API. The development API was done using Multicolour so the build wasnt hung up on the backend developer finishing their work.

  5. Verve

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    Angular 1react

    I was a general purpose developer in this organisation, most of my time was spent working on improvements to their payment path and fixing bugs in their existing software before being put on the React team to work on the rebuild of their platform.

  6. National Army Museum feat. Squint Opera

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    Squint Opera and I had worked together previously and we teamed up again to help the National Army Museum build their new exhibit technology with home baked analytics. I built the exhibit map and analytics API and visualised them on a map of the entire building, per exhibit.

    Feedback from the companyDave is a great developer. Fun and diligent. His work is top notch. ~ Rob Mason
  7. Google/Tishman Speyer feat. Hirsch&Mann

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    Due to the success of our partnership previously Hirsch&Mann engaged me again to help build the technology to power physical displays used by Google for their pop-up store in New York during the Pixel release. This was a real time synchronised visual dance of varying animations across nearly 300 devices in a sphere. Tishman Speyer used the same technology to synchronise 200 screens playing videos to within a few ms of difference. I built this using Multicolour, Sockets, Cordova/CCA and custom made framework for delivering all the required code from the primary node in the network.

    Feedback from the companyDave was a great partner for many months on a challenging project. We're an innovation service provider and build technological solutions that have never been done; pushing our imagination, problem-solving, and endurance. In this context, Dave led coding on an entire ecosystem of servers and clients to help us deliver a new product line to top-shelf clients. Dave is a highly skilled team member, and we recommend him without reservation. ~ Alan Reitsch
  8. Tour De France/Skoda feat. Hirsch&Mann

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    I was contacted by Alan at Hirsch&Mann to work on a mobile application that allowed cyclists in the U.K to find a ride that best matched a section of the Tour de France in ways such as pitch, length, difficulty, et . Originally we built this with Neo4j but the performance was just unacceptable so in a single day I rewrote all our comparison algorithms into single purpose MySQL queries. The API was built using ExpressJS, Knex and the application was written using ReactJS. My role wasn't just to develop but evolved into pulling the team together during some hard sprints and mentoring other developers.

    Feedback from the companyDave was an excellent team lead on a truly challenging sprint. Above and beyond his mandate, and surpassing his peers in capability and efficiency, Dave was able to remain focused and productive on his own tasks while helping to guide other team members. Dave was highly responsive to status requests, and was diligent with code check-ins and documentation. His code reads extremely well. In short, you could not do better than to have Dave on your team, and we are grateful to have had him work hard to make our project a success. ~ Alan Reitsch