How to get my dotfiles set up for VIM, Ranger, neovim, compton, Awesome WM

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I've used Linux for years, before that I used OSx but I'm firmly back on neutral ground. Earlier this year, I found the sub-culture of Linux which is "ricing" on Reddit via /r/unixporn and it really interested me how these people were sharing entire operating system themes and I decided I was going to do the same.

I knew about dotfiles, I knew what they were for but for some unknown reason... I never committed mine to a repo or re-used them across any of my platforms. I use a few different devices for different contexts.

So this subreddit encouraged me to devise my own config based system and actually commit it to a repository that I can simply replicate on another system (I don't ever stop tweaking) and maintain a history of my changes.

So, I now have a repo traditionally named dotfiles which contains everything I need to go from a base Arch or Termux session to my confortable environment very easily.

Screenshot of a minimalist Linux desktop with a few terminal windows open

#What configs do I have in my dotfiles repo?


My install script tries it's hardest not to smash your existing config so backs everything up to a filename-YOURS next to the one it then symlinks into place. This means if you want to edit any of your dotfiles, you can just fire up nvim in ~/dotfiles.

1git clone ~/dotfiles
2cd ~/dotfiles
3bash ./

For nvim there is an extra step to install all the dependencies of CoC. You also need to run

1INSTALL_COC_PLUGINS="yes" nvim +source ~/.config/nvim/configs/coc.vim

Which will install the CoC Marketplace plugins I use to write React, TypeScript, Flow and associated linters and compilers.

You can of course ln -s i/want/this/dotfile to/install/here for each of the configs you actually want though.

I hope you enjoy my dotfiles :)